Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad UI : Firefox "Restore last session"

The problem

Remember that nasty dialog that appears when you start Firefox?

"Your last Firefox session closed unexpectedly... " with 2 buttons: "Restore session" and "Start New Session".

Well, simply put, that's just stupid. That's just extra excise - and besides, why do I need to bother remembering what tabs I had opened? This appears even when I click some link from another application (like, Thunderbird), and Firefox is not opened yet.

But more to the point, I can end up clicking "Start New Session", and have all my previous tabs lost.

The solution

First of all, Firefox should not ask that stupid question, and by default start with no tabs. It should then keep a history of the last 10 "Tab Groups", so that in case you want to re-open any of those tabs, you could. You should be able to re-open a full Tab Group, or select some tabs from a Tab Group and open only those.


David Spector said...

This sounds like a very good design--it allows restoring previous tab groups, yet removes the annoying message which is not usually needed. Note that this session recovery message can be incorrect. Shutting down a computer should not be considered an unexpected session closing. Most other programs handle computer shutdown gracefully.

kumar said...

I want to know where exactly firefox stores the information about older sessions.
Firefox got crashed accidently and when I tried to open it again..
by mistake I happed to "cross" (neither yes nor no) the "dialog window asking if I want to restote the session".
Is there any way I can recover the session which got a way it is the second last session which I want to recover.
Please help.

Unknown said...

I too want to restore my second to last session, does anyone know how to do this? It would be really helpful!