Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yahoo Mail is plain stupid...

I don't care what you think, but the fact that yahoo has email addresses like, or, etc. - that's completely idiotic.

Why do I need to remember, besides the username, the yahoo extension? It's like saying "Hey, his name is James, but you need to call him James Jayjay before he answers".

I really don't care about Yahoo's history, but this should not exist. If it's yahoo, it should be "". I'm more and more inclined to forget about Yahoo completely. Really.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Addicted to blogging?

It seems that more and more bloggers have their blogs crowded - that is, 3-6 blog entries per day, or more. Probably they think they'll get more readers that way (the law of the big numbers - I will write more, so that a reader will find at least something I wrote interesting).

(side-note: I'm not talking about "magazine-like" blogs, where more authors write to the same blog; I'm talking about a single author's blog)

Well, for some, this has definitely proved to be a winning strategy. But for the rest, this is a waste of time twofold:
  • for the blogger, that wastes time finding stories to tell (having links to other blogs, etc)
  • for the reader, trying to find something useful, but finding just "cover-stories"
Why am I saying this?

Today I unsubscribed from 6 blogs. I value my time, and I don't want to waste it reading pointless stories.

I really value bloggers that write 1 post every 1-2 days, or even more seldom: Joel, Seth, Stevey, etc.

When I read a story, I see that they took the time to write and refine it. I know reading their posts is not a waste of my time. They give me "The Wow! effect" (I'll blog about this later).

So, why not write less, but say more?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Answering thy phone...

Seth Godin makes a very valid point. And it's happened to me quite a few times - someone bored answering the phone, not giving me the information I need, etc.

The solution?

  • Conversations need to be recorded
  • Bad feedback
    • must reach management; his needs to happen right away - if you can't forward the person directly to a manager, forward him the recording of the call
    • when receiving bad feedback, ask the caller for a phone no. or email, so that you can later reach him/her
  • Allow your customers to rate the person they talked to. I've seen this happen for some enterprise corporations like IBM, HP - kudos to them!
  • The marks your phone operators get - record them, and also forward them back to the phone operators
  • Have rewards for operators that are rated best
It's not that hard, you just need to truly care for your customers...