Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bad UI - IMs

It puzzles me again and again how stupid those programs are. Today's case is one that I've encountered too many times, and now the glass got full:

Say you use an IM client, and at a given point you set your status message. That status has come to have quite a lot of meaning - people do care about it. When you've found something cool, or something important happened etc.

Now, say that either you lose connection to the internet for just a sec, or you do a quick logout, etc. When you get back, your status message is gone - you need to manually do it again.

That's just plain stupid - those IM programs should focus on the user, and realize something that's fundamental: "Did I tell you to change my status?" So, why do you do it? As long as I don't specifically tell you, leave my status alone. Ok?

Someone could say - but when nowadays do you lose Internet connection? Well, I have a laptop, I travel, I use wireless. Need I say more?

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