Saturday, May 24, 2008

Craving for more?

When describing desires, people fall into 2 categories:
  • Person F, who has an income of 4500 euros, or 4700, but strives for 5000 euros
  • Person M, who has an income of 4600 euro, but strives for 400 more euros
Person F strives for a fixed amount, while Person M strives for more X euros. Do you see a fundamental difference here?

If not, let me give you a slightly different example. Say you're looking for a new job, and before going to any interviews, you said: "I'm targeting 5000 euros".

You get 2 offers:
  • Offer 1: 4800 euros, flexible hours, not very stressful
  • Offer 2: 5500 euors, 9-to-5 hours, with the possibility of aprox 20% overtime
Person F will choose Offer 1, while Person M will choose Offer 2.

Before delving into more details, let me give you the facts:
  • there are a lot more of Person M in the universe
  • Person F live a quite happier life than Person M
The fundamental difference between Person F and Person M is:
  • Person F has a fixed goal, knows when the goal is reached (in our case, the 5000 euros/mo), and takes the time to enjoy it, before eventually moving on to other goals
  • Person M will always want more, even if he reaches 6 or 7000 euros (while also ending up working more and being more stressed)
There's something very comforting about reaching a goal, and slowing down for a while, just to enjoy it.

The trouble with being a Person M, is that it unconsciously means more work on your part. You want more, you need to do more. The fundamental difference is that Person F understands this, while Person M doesn't (and doesn't know when to stop).

What type are you, and, if you're a Person M, are you willing/do you want to change?

P.S. It's my birthday today, so Happy Birthday to meee!


Nicoale Ghimbovschi said...

Interesting post.

According to this classification, I fall into the F group.

John Torjo said...

@nicu: he he ;) congrats :)

Corina Buzatu said...

As for me, I'm an M person, that always wants More and More :D Even though I have to work More... I'll probably stop at a time being, but now I'm "more happy" if I get More MMMMMMMMoney!!! :D

Happy Birthday! ;)

Unknown said...

Better later than never, happy birthday mister F/M!, what is it gonna be? ;-)

Bela said...

Good post. I'm F type.

Unknown said...

La Multi Ani, moshule!

John Torjo said...

@rick : I'm an F, of course ;)

@bela : thanks ;)

@razvan : mersi mersi ;) bem o bere cand ajung in BV (nu stiu cand)

Explorer said...

It should depend on situation and on a thing you are doing. If we were F all, then you would not be reading this lines.

We are all M, but some have money for their motive and some have "just to make it better" motive.

paul said...

Good stuff! I'm F (and a reformed Super M)