Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Explorer with tabs...

Firefox has tabs. IE has tabs. Trillian has tabs.

So why shouldn't Explorer have tabs? Because Windows Explorer sucks... It's slow, has weird initialization routine, doesn't remember the last places I browsed, and every now and then it crashes unexpectedly.

I've been using xplorer2 Lite lately, and so far I'm impressed. The first thing I loved about it, is that it has tabs. And it remembers them!

It's got quite a few other cool things. Here's what impressed me:
  • New Tab (Ctrl Ins) - just like Firefox, you can start a lot of tabs, which are automatically remembered next time you start it.
  • File Rename (F2) - yes, it got it right - when doing rename, only the file name is selected (not the extension). Oh, it it doesn't ask me: "If you change the file name, the file could become unusable". Who came up with that question anyway?
  • New File (F7) - yes, finally it's sooo easy to create a new file: just press F7. A file is created, and the file name is selected, so you can rename it anyway you like. Unlike the stupid Explorer, where: first, no file should be selected (otherwise, it will not have any way to create a new file) and you have an extra step: the file type.
  • Fixed column sizes - finally I don't have to resize my "Name" column every time I enter a directory - it's always the same (if I resize it once, it will remember it). Kudos guys!
There are quite a few more things, but I just happened to come across these in my day to day work.

All in all it seems quite a good product, and I think I'll definitely buy it...

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