Friday, April 18, 2008

Addicted to blogging?

It seems that more and more bloggers have their blogs crowded - that is, 3-6 blog entries per day, or more. Probably they think they'll get more readers that way (the law of the big numbers - I will write more, so that a reader will find at least something I wrote interesting).

(side-note: I'm not talking about "magazine-like" blogs, where more authors write to the same blog; I'm talking about a single author's blog)

Well, for some, this has definitely proved to be a winning strategy. But for the rest, this is a waste of time twofold:
  • for the blogger, that wastes time finding stories to tell (having links to other blogs, etc)
  • for the reader, trying to find something useful, but finding just "cover-stories"
Why am I saying this?

Today I unsubscribed from 6 blogs. I value my time, and I don't want to waste it reading pointless stories.

I really value bloggers that write 1 post every 1-2 days, or even more seldom: Joel, Seth, Stevey, etc.

When I read a story, I see that they took the time to write and refine it. I know reading their posts is not a waste of my time. They give me "The Wow! effect" (I'll blog about this later).

So, why not write less, but say more?

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